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Mentoring Security Leaders Program

Did you know that ASIS International has a very well developed "Mentoring Security Leaders" program?  This program, developed by the ASIS Leadership Management Practices Council, is designed to promote long-term leadership and career development through a one-on-one mentor-protege relationship.  If you would like more information on this program, make sure to read the full message from our Regional Vice President, and reach out to learn more.

New Website Updates, including Resources, Media, and Membership Information!
The ASIS Chicago website is now fully functional and up-to-date.  With the updated look and layout comes new features and resources, including downloads, website links, easy-to-access information, and updated contact information.  Take a look around, download the free content, and stay informed!  Can't find what you're looking for?  Contact the chapter using the appropriate link.

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ASIS Chicago is constantly seeking organizations to support the local chapter while spreading the word about services offered by their company.  Sponsorship comes with many perks, including an advertisement on ASIS Chicago's home page, links to company websites, and opportunities to be involved in exclusive events.  Check out the Sponsorship page to learn more.


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