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Registration is now open for our 2017 ASIS Chicago Study Group (SG2017). The SG begins Tuesday, February 7, 2017. The SG is being hosted by our friends at the Chicago Police Academy, 1300 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607. Many thanks to the Chicago Police Department for their assistance in coordinating this year's Study Group.

Below is a description of the SG and why it's a great opportunity to help you prep and pass the CPP, PCI, and/or PSP.

Intended Audience: Folks planning to take their CPP, PSP and/or PCI examination in the next 3-6 months.

ASIS Chicago CPP, PSP and PCI Study Group Overview:
·      This study group method is a simple and effective study technique.
·      Our SG provides attendees the opportunity to participate in an informal, practical, and educational learning environment.
·      The SG is effective because participants interact directly with like-minded individuals who possess various security-related experience, knowledge, and expertise.
·      Attendees also learn how to use the POA and other source materials to prepare for the rigorous, stressful, and challenging real exams.
·      Attendees discover new and effective study methods and techniques CPPs, PSPs and PCIs have used to prep for and pass their tests.
·      Attendees also learn which techniques are less effective for passing the test.

·      Each attendee is assigned multiple, security-related topics to present during the SG.
·      Attendees prepare and present to the class a 15-20 minute power point presentation to fellow attendees.
·      During their presentations, attendees also create 20 questions and answers (per topic) from their assigned materials to share with the rest of the SG. (Consider this a "potluck" version of building a test Q&A bank.)
·      These new questions and answers are pooled together (by me) to create multiple practice examinations for attendees to use during the remainder of their CPP, PSP and PCI exam prep.

·      CPPs, PSPs, and PCIs will also attend the SG and give presentations and answers questions about their experiences prepping for, and taking their exam.

Anticipated Outcome/Benefits:
·      Participating in the SG is like "pre-season football, baseball, or hockey" for test takers. Let's be honest, it's been a while since some of us have been in school or prepped for a serious exam. The SG gradually improves your study habits, concentration skills, and test-taking techniques.
·      The SG also allows you to network with others who have passed (and failed) their ASIS test; thus, allowing us to learn from their experiences.
·      ASIS exams are challenging and intense. Few are able to pass the test without serious preparation. I equate it to successfully running a marathon. For most it takes six months of prep to run 26 miles- and live- after crossing the finish line.
·      This SG offers a similar benefit for those intending to take their test. Using the SG helps you identify your strong and weak areas.
·      Participating in the SG gradually and consistently improves your test taking abilities and your self-confidence.
·      Taking the practice tests gives you instant feedback on your progress and prep methods. If your practice test scores are not improving, you need to change your methods.
·      Also, the more "real-world" practice tests you take before your real exam reduces your test day anxiety, stress, and panic. Think of your practice exams as "dress rehearsals" for your real test.
·      Costs are minimal.
·      There is no cost for attendance or parking at Hamburger University.
·      Attendees who participate in the Study Group and complete their assigned topics will receive a complete copy of all SG materials (power points, practice questions and answers, tips, etc.)
·      Refreshments (soda, coffee, etc.) may be included.
·      We ask you to pay $10.00 to receive a thumb drive containing all accumulated SG materials.
·      Attendees must have their 2017 Chicago Chapter dues paid ($20).

Study Group details:
Session 1: Tuesday, 2/07, 5-7p (First meeting)
Session 2: Tuesday, 2/14, 5-7p
Session 3: Tuesday, 2/21, 5-7p
Session 4: Tuesday, 2/28, 5-7p
Session 5: Tuesday, 3/07, 5-7p
Session 6: Tuesday, 3/14, 5-7p
Tuesday, 3/21, No session (Break)
Session 7: Tuesday, 4/01, 5-7p (First meeting after break)
Session 8: Tuesday, 4/08, 5-7p
Session 9: Tuesday, 4/15, 5-7p
Session 10: Tuesday, 4/22, 5-7p
Session 11: Tuesday, 4/29, 5-7p
Session 12: Tuesday, 5/02, 5-7p (Last meeting)

·      Materials needed: Computer, and access to Microsoft Powerpoint or (Keynote for Mac)
·      Access to ASIS, International Possession of Assets Manual (POA) will be granted to paid members via Chicago Chapter.
·      This group is open to CPPs, PSPs and PCIs. Our goal is to help you prep for your exam.

FYI: This is the only free SG in the Chicago region this year. Seating is reserved and limited. 

Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 5:00 PM –

Tue, May 2, 2017, 7:00 PM

Police Academy
1300 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607